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Empowering Loan Officers to Win

We make it easy for LO’s to WIN by automating time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your pipeline. We simplify all of your tech under ONE professionally branded platform.

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Digital Engagement Channels

Utilize LHP's suite of customer-facing tools to help grow your mortgage business.

Co-Branded Realtor Apps

Take your partnership game to the next level by equipping referral partners with a co-branded mobile app. Keep prospective homebuyers engaged with a helpful and interactive tool that creates long-term, trusting relationships between you and Realtors while providing homebuyers more touch points to encourage conversion and trust.

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Boost Application Pull-Through

The chat-style app offers a personalized way to capture a complete 1003, resulting in one of the industry’s highest application completion rates.

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Easy Doc Management

Streamline gathering, organizing, and managing Borrower documents and reduce the number of Borrowers abandoning the process.

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Loan Status Updates

Receive milestone alerts in real-time to ensure loans move quickly and efficiently, saving momentum and resources for all.

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Pre-Approval Letters on Demand

Stop last-minute pre-approval letter requests. Specify the loan parameters and let agents and clients generate pre-approval letters via desktop or mobile app.

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Messaging and Communication

Keep Borrowers, Realtor partners, and your loan team connected with Loanzify’s user-friendly group messaging and automated notifications.

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Mortgage Calculators

Give your Borrowers the key to unlock the mortgage possibilities with our interactive calculators! The interactive tool provides Borrowers with tailored loan insights in seconds, including monthly payments, APRs --even local property tax! Use the handy tool to help you craft multiple scenarios and have them available at-the-ready to help your Borrowers make an educated decision about a mortgage that's right for them.

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