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We make it easy for mortgage branches and teams to recruit, retain and equip top talent using our scalable, all-in-one solution for simplifying the client-facing aspects of your business.

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Digital Engagement Channels

Utilize LHP's suite of customer-facing tools to help grow your mortgage business.

Co-Branded Realtor Apps

Having a co-branded mobile app is the ace up your sleeve for growing solid and supportive relationships with Realtors. It helps Homebuyers stay engaged, informed, and connected as they move through their home-buying journey. From start to finish, this tool will keep you top of mind with both referrals and Realtors!

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Boost Application Pull-Through

Our intuitive and personalized application captures a complete 1003 with chat-style ease, resulting in the industry’s highest app completion rates.

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Seamless Doc Management

Simplify your gathering, organizing, and managing of Borrower documents while tracking staff doc progression, resulting in fewer borrowers abandoning the process.

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Loan Status Updates

Get real-time milestone alerts to ensure loans are processed quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources for Borrowers, stakeholders, and your loan team.

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Pre-Approval Letters on Demand

No more last-minute pre-approval letter requests! Once your LOs set the loan parameters, agents and clients can generate pre-approval letters from their desktop or mobile app.

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Messaging and Communication

Keep your team engaged and “in the know” with Loanzify’s centralized communication log that uses user-friendly group chat and automated alerts.

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LOS Connection and Import

Loanzify integrates with the most popular LOS software, permitting you to remain compliant while benefiting from dynamic customer-facing tools proven to help you close more loans.

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Mortgage Calculators

Help your Borrowers envision home buying success with our interactive mortgage calculators! Our attractive, easy-to-use tool helps Borrowers explore multiple loan options in seconds. They can also see how much principal & interest will be each month plus discover information like APR rates, amortization schedules, and more. Use it to quickly structure multiple loan scenarios and maintain momentum with an already engaged prospect.

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